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At North Shore Landscaping, we make it our mission to transform the plain exteriors of any commercial or residential property located not only in North Shore but also in the nearby areas. Our team of professionals, which include carpenters, craftsmen, pavers, architects, masons, and designers, are experts in their fields and have accumulated years of experience. They came together to combine their skills in building you the best outdoor setting and offering the most convenient landscaping services. Every individual in our team is highly capable of working on either minor or major projects and have already become the trusted landscaper in the region with clients receiving their top-notch services and end results that offer both functionality and decorative values.

Our team members are industrious and will give their best efforts to convert an outdated yard into a masterpiece that will surely impress you and your family, and will get your neighbors talking! Our construction and carpentry services include pool makeovers, paving, patios, brickwork, and retaining walls installation. We do not only focus on improving the aesthetic appeal of your space but we are also committed to being an environment-conscious construction company and we will work towards preserving and conserving the richness of your land.

When we plan the sketch of your outdoor amenities, our professional values involve being ingenious and strategic by first assessing the space and then acknowledging the appeal that the land offers. We then cultivate a design that will best match the existing ambience of your outdoor views. Simply put, with North Shore Landscaping as your partner, we will work around what you have, improving it, modifying it, to produce an end product that seamlessly fits in your property! In addition to that, we can also integrate traditional designs with more trendy ones, adjusting them based on your preferred fashion.

Our clients are always the priority which is why every action that we take has to be made with the thought and consideration of whether it will be in the best interest of our end-users. Over the years of being in service, we have returning North Shore customers who are impressed with our previous works and want us to continue transforming the exteriors of their other properties. Or if not for that purpose, they simply trust us to perform repairs and regular maintenance on their outdoor amenities.

Ready to raise the bars of your outdoor experience? With North Shore Landscaping, we will do all the work for you. You can have a stress-free upgrade of your space.
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Landscaping Services


First impressions last and that same thought applies to your North Shore driveway paving. As part of your property's exterior, it can't be helped that your driveway is one of the very first views people see when they pass through your residence.

If you're thinking of making your property a standout, or if you want it to leave a lasting impression, we can offer a variety of driveway paving services that will drastically enhance your residential or commercial space's outer appearance. Would you like a stone, tile, or brick finish? Whatever designs you have for your project, we can provide it for you. The Pavings we create are not only made according to your preferred tastes but are also built to stand for a long time and in harsh North Shore weather conditions.


When was the last time you hung out at your North Shore garden? Whenever you look at that supposedly green space in your home does it bring any joy to you and your family? Or is it looking rather abandoned? Your garden has so much potential to become an extension of your living space. Don't waste it by letting it rot there! Bring some life back to it with just a few changes. Make your plants a focal point and highlight the beauty of your flowers by surrounding them with fanciful brickwork and brick edging. Our competent team at North Shore Landscaping can be your fairy godmother who can whisk some magic into your garden and transform it into an eye-catching beauty.

We can do different brick services for you including brick wall installations, brick patio, barbecue installations, and plenty more. Our masons and architects will work together to sketch a design plan that will merge the rustic appeal of brickwork with the natural allure of your land.

Once you contact us, we will start with our work process. An initial design will be produced by our team, followed by our team of skilled professionals visiting your property to assess the land and to determine what your specific needs are. This will influence our decision on which materials will provide the highest quality and longevity. This hands-on approach has put us among the top construction companies not only in North Shore but even in Sydney.


Our landscaping services, as with the rest of our works, are customized according to the client's selected tastes, fashion, and lifestyle. We collaborate with our architects and landscapers who have proven track-record of creating only the most gorgeous outdoor space to develop a design plan for you. Redefining your outdoor area can be an overwhelming task, but with North Shore Landscaping, you're guaranteed to have an easy and pleasant experience.

If you want the lawn of your dream to become a reality, we are the right people to approach. The licensed designers in our team are known for their precise and exemplary work, and are committed to crafting elegant landscape and outdoor space. The architects of North Shore Landscaping on the other hand are well-equipped with the needed skills to convert any dull outdoor setting into a scenic space that you'll feel like you're in one of those Victorian paintings. And if you're worried that you may not be able to maintain your outdoors in the long run, you can rest easy now because we also take on maintenance services that include mowing, and tree services.

Garden and Pool Makeovers

When you think about your North Shore dream house, it's easy to imagine the interior, but the outside often just becomes an afterthought. You decide on how many rooms you're going to have or the color of the paint on your room, but don't really think much about how your landscape will look like. Which is a real shame because the outside space of your property, as if we haven't stressed this enough already, is actually the very first thing people will see. As much as you want to make the inside beautiful, it's also best to be consistent and make your exterior just as great.

We, at North Shore Landscaping, are brimming with enthusiasm and are committed to beautifying and improving your garden and turning it into a picturesque haven full of shrubs and flowers, a place where you can let go of your worries and find your reprieve from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. With our diverse resources, you will surely find something that best suits your tastes. We offer various services to make sure that your garden space is always in perfect condition. This includes lawn mowing and hedges maintenance, landscaping that can include adding arrays of flora and fauna for decoration.

We also modify your garden designs so that it complements your existing outdoor amenities such as your pools and ponds. These tailored designs can be specifically made to fit your pool size, pool depth and other factors. We also have renovations and modification services, and we can even check your pool equipment for maintenance. Regular assessment of your filters, heaters, lighting, tiling and pump is important to make sure you're getting the most out of your pool and that everything is in prime condition. This also allows us to have a general overview of the needs of each pool that we work on. This method also serves as our basis for the quotes that we can negotiate on.

Retaining Walls

There's a good reason why most properties install retaining walls in their outside space. First and foremost, that's because retaining walls prevent soil erosion. But aside from that, it can also improve water drainage and if built correctly, can serve as an extended place for your garden. These are more on the practical side of things when it comes to the uses of retaining walls. With a skilled construction provider, you can have the added aesthetic value retaining walls can offer on top of its functionality. Wall designs and decors can be different for every property, depending on the topography of your lot. In a nutshell, we will be designing your retaining wall according to the needed support for the slope. This ensures the durability and the quality of our retaining walls.

At North Shore Landscaping, we can offer you a wide range of options for your retaining walls. Our materials can include timber, concrete, brick tiles and many more. These materials offer different functionality and durability. If the choices get too overwhelming for you, our experts can suggest the best options for your property.

Are you still looking for the right construction company to do your yard work? You can finally put a stop to your search because at North Shore Landscaping we got your back in all your landscaping needs.

Patios, Pathways, and Courtyards

An outdoor space can add life to your property. It can be a major living space where you can host parties and entertain guests. For North Shore homes, decks and patios have become an important element in our architectural design. From the typical mahogany style to the more modern, North Shore Landscaping can be your partner for your patio installation needs.

Our patio construction is based on your property's natural atmosphere. We make sure the functionality it offers is of optimum standard and that it is a space that can be used for wide range of activities.

Same as with our every construction work, we assess the topography, climate, and the location. We then tailor the design according to your preferences, whether it's the usual Australian backyard or something more a bit stylish and modern. Our team at North Shore Landscaping will build whatever your outdoor idea is!

Regular Maintenance

Is your outdoors looking more like the wilderness with your amenities becoming more and more worn out as time goes by? Leave it to the professionals to give the exterior of your property some tender loving care. With North Shore Landscaping, you can relax knowing that your blooms and shrubs, patio, pool, driveway, and the rest of your outdoor amenities are in great hands. Under our care, you can leave your yard management with a landscaper that has the manpower and resources to offer you services such as lawn mowing, pool maintenance, patio refurbishing, weeding, and trimming.

When it comes to regular maintenance services, we will work alongside our client to provide customized plans that also include seasonal care wherein we take care of your blooms and shrubs, making sure they stay in the best condition all year round.

At this point, if you still need more reasons why you should get us for your outdoor services, then allow us to give you the benefits of working with us.

  • Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We don't just finish the job but we go the extra mile, giving your more than a hundred percent of our best. Whether it's major or minor construction or landscaping job, we aim to give you a yard service that is worth your every penny.
  • We like to maintain a clear and active line of communication with our clients. Regular updates will be given. The client will always know about any changes or disruptions in the project.
  • We are a local landscaping and construction company and as a member of this community, we want to serve the people by using our skills we've honed through the years. More than that, it is our greatest desire to know that we are doing our part in transforming and improving homes in the North Shore area.

If you still have more questions for us, we will always be happy to address any inquiries you have. Contact us now. Our team at North Shore Landscaping is excited to start working on your next project!

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